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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 15, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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pushed back initial peak bloom days and they say development depends on weather conditions, melanie alnwick live at the title basin with more on the story, mel. >> good morning, guys, remember several weeks ago when they were talking with how warm the temperatures have been and cherry blossoms were on track to perhaps have one of the earliest peak blooms ever between march 14 and 17. that would be right about now. you would imagine that the entire tidal base up would be covered in a sea of pitching. well, right now, the blossoms here are still -- they started to come out and then we had that cold snap. and that sort of put everything on hold. so now as you moneyed peak bloom they're talking about 19 to 2 and really the question now is are we even going to have a peak bloom. when it gets to be about 7 degrees that's what we know we lose 10% of blooms and that's definitely going to happen. the big question here is at 4 we could lose as
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mroomz. how long are these floor et cetera going to be in that 24 degree temperature. hard to say. i was looking at our "fox5" warm app and listening to our folks and there will be several hours of 24 degree temperatures and the question becomes, how many hours does it take for the blossoms and these little buds to be severely affected. we don't know at this point and everybody is hoping for the best and cherry blossom festival begins today and performances scheduled this afternoon for the welcome stapling. hopefully we get information later on and i know everyone is hoping for good news when it comes to these beautiful mroomz. that is the latest from here at the tidal basin. i'm melanie alnwick. let's accepted it back to you guys. >> thanks, mel, 4:31 you can track weather 24/presidential download the fox news and weather app search d.c. news and weather in the app store
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both apps are free. >> time 4:1 looking at the this morning's big stories one day before trump's revised travel ban is supposed to take effect several federal courtrooms across the country will today hear argument from people or organizations that want to stop that ban. in maryland the judge will hear arguments from the american civil liberties union. half a dozen states are trying to derail the executive order. we're getting a first look at one of the president trump's old tax returns and white house says president trump made more than $150 million in income in 2005 and paid $8 million in taxes that year and that came as rachel madou said she retaped the tax forms got friend david clay johnson a journalist that runs the site d.c. >> he leaks material when they thinks it's in his interest. >> when you steal and leak
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federal employee it's a felony. and you have journalists asking regular people to commit felonies in order to aadvance a story. >> it is is "totally illegal to steal and publish tax kurnz " and said in a statement you know you're desperate for ratings when you're willing to violate the law to push the story about two pages of tax returns. >> republican lead are in the white house doubling efforts to overall america's healthcare system. think help you get the measure through the house next week so senate can de debate it. he discussed the legislation by phone with house republicans and he sent mike pence and health secretary tom price to hear gop senators concerns. >> a new report from government accountability office cite sizes how metro drew up the safe track plan. watchdog agency says metro could ask done a better job planning and implementing the repair work and claim the program could have been more efficient to reduce passenger disruption and possibly even save money and report does commend
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new preventative maintenance program that goes into effect this summer. >> turning to march madness and the play end game. m state mary's will face new or hurricane irenes 5' 5" shortest player in d 1 ball. robinson hits the jumper to give the team a one point lead. he finished with a game high 237 points 2.9 sick to go. one inbound pass intercepted. mount st. mary wins. second tournament win ever. thursday they face depending champion villanova. >> my parents and grand parent used to say that's a tough road to hoe. >> i was going to say it was fun while it lastsed. >> no, no, >> delays war made for upsets. >> there's never
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seed beat a one seed that's a small detail. >> this a first for everything. >> we'll dealing with the cold weather. >> it will hang around throughout the day today and it's brutally cold out there this morning and brutally cold most of the day especially with winds gusting. satellite and radar cleared it out this morning so far. clouds return later this afternoon and maybe even snow flurries as well. but that's not nearly as big az a deal as yesterday. billinger deal today is temperature. 23 in washington and 18 gaithersburg and 1 frederick and 18 westminster and anything that fell yesterday all around the region whether rain, sleet, snow has frozen solid this morning. is all we'll make later this afternoon and watch for a few nruryes, sunny and drier as temperatures return to the 40s. let's head to airport erin with traffic. >> 4:35 now we have updates for you if you take metro bus. they tweeted out new information instead of being on moderate snow plan they upgraded to regular service and they do say adjustments may be possib
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conditions and we'll keep you posted on that on twitter as well as erin fox d.c. and metro access is running today and metro rail back to normal with safe track in full swiping, blue and yellow line single tracking and vre operating as well. charles country oliver shop road ed closed between burst store road and oaks road reminder as you make your way out to use caution on secondarys. any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter, holly and wisdom. >> coming up. eight high ranking navy officers accused of accepting services of prostitutes in exchange for top secret exchange information. >> american airlines preparing to make sure customers are happy and satisfied on certain long sgliingts as we head to break a live look across the region. time now 4:36. temperatures 23 degrees. bang in a
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>> let's look at the stories you're ep gaining with in social media. >> navy facing epic sdandle charming eight navy senior officers and admiral with corruption and other crimes in the fat leonard prescribery case. it skovrz eight years from 2006 to 2014 they're accused of taking bribes in lavrish gift, prostitutes courtsey of leonard glen fat leonard francis singapore based defense contractor to pled guilty to defrauding navy of tens of millions of tlarz. >> cam taken trail, president trump vowed to have healthcare for everybody and now he's breaking campaign promises, 2
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mill gone fewer people will hold insurance a sdek aid from now under the republican bill. more than half of those would be driven off medicade as result of spending caps republicans would impose. meanwhile rates would increase for older americans. >> and meanwhile texas senate just advice vapsed a bill to limit transgender access to bathrooms. measure? texas is broughting it in a law passed in north carolina. north carolina bathroom bill applied to facilities run by the state government. this measure in texasen includes local government and public school bathrooms. >> three more bands announced they would not be performing at this year southwest music festival in texas because members have been prevented from entering united states. members of london based duel cannot perform because they had visas revoked or were denied entry into the united states. >> and american airlines serving up free meals. it will offer free in flight meals to all flyers on trips
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york and san francisco and new york beginning may 1. >> they're going old school. >> and food while you're cramped in the seats. >> we return with weather relate the closes and delays. >> and grocery and health food store forced to close due to rodent infestation. >> a live look across the region, 4:41. there's national harbor ferris wheel all lit up. it's cold. bundle up. fox news morning back after this
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>> today cancelled nroyingt and delayed schools and power outages all part of the scale back revenge. >> let's look outside on wednesday morning blast of winter cold air sticks around a couple more days. michael thomas will have a timeline for you coming up in warm. first though we want to say good morning, thanks for joining us i'm holly morris. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is wednesday, march 15. >> time now is 4:44 and if you're just getting up our top story is indeed the refreeze. there's many school closings still and delays that come away with that.
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they would do today in virginia prince william county schools closed, mannasas city schools closed and fauquier county schools also closed. >> and staying in virginia culpeper, fairfax, loudoun and page county schools also on a two hour delay and rappahannock county and mannasas park city and false church city and arlington county schools also on a two our delay. >> maryland, an run del, charles, frederick and prince george on two hour delay and two hour delay for d.c. public schools as well. >> federal government on time today. >> and this is all because of the extremely cold weather that we're dealing with after this little snow we had yesterday. >> in my mind you were going to say this is all because of michael thomas. >> no. >> hey, it's winter revenge. i have nothing to do with that. basically what happened the storm from yesterday went morning and cold air gets pulled down from canada thinned so today we feel like canada instead of how the mid atlantic should feel
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big story is cold and wind as well. take a look at this wind add voosry posted a.m. until 6 p.m. later today and winds gust 40 to 50. that's usually manageable around here and air temperatures feels like 11. as you walk outside in washington bundle up, step in mannasasen four dulles, in gaithersburg and up towards baltimore. again absolutely frigid morning and 7 day forecast mixing of clouds and sun today. maybe snow flurries, for the high. again winds considerably colder than that. we'll moderate as we get to the weekend. no big warm-up in sight. >> 4:46 now as you make your way to charles county, crash on one of the secondarys, oliver shop road closed between bird store road and oak road. detouring around that coop you posted and coop you in contact with the charles county sheriff department on twitter letting you know latest on that. reminder to be extra cautious on
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as and anywhere you head out especially bridges and overpasses and roads outer loop georgia avenue no delays picking up any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter. back to you hol we and wisdom. >> we'll been on quite the weather roller coaster to say the least. what does this cold snav mean for the precious cherry blossoms. >> melanie alnwick joins us live with the ants to those questions and many more in regards to cold and cherry bhos onlys coming together at unfortunate time. >> that's right, guys, yeah, so really this has been a tough year for cer hi blossoms andet festival. first being too warm and now too cold and difficult time trying to pin it down. what we can tell you the cherry blossom festival is beginning today. the cherry brs onlys, our however, not cooperating because of this cold snap of weather. if you think a few weeks ago we were talki
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of the earliest bhoomz on record where they started to he see a lot of progression happening here with the cherry months onlys. the floor et cetera extending as early as march 6 and they thought neshlly we would be in peak bloom now. so then on monday they pushed or last week pushed peak bloom back to 19th to 22 and now we don't know. is there going to be peak bloom at all. will some of these florets survive. if they were full bloom flowers we would have significant amount of loss. the question becomes what we were told is when temperatures get to be 24 that's when we can lose 90% of mroomz and for those still somewhat in the bud staplings they're more protected and the question becomes how long are they going to stay at those low, damaging temperatures. and will the little teeny
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bit of warm-up help them hang on. other good news guys is we're talking manly about youshi na mroming ones. but there are some other cherry trees here different varieties that bloom later in the swing. it's not like we won't have any kerry blossoms we perhaps won't have the big show that we normally are used to. pack to you guys. >> we love the big show. mel, we love the big show. thanks. >> i know. >> appreciate it. >> this morning, more than 1,000 people in charles country though are actually without power. the winter storm knocking power out more than 14,000 people yesterday and county department of emergency services opened in overnight mnl shelt to give residence a worm place to stay. metro has been working to restore the power. remember track the weather 24/7 on the go to mobile device down load the "fox 5 news" and "fox5" weather
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the app store times are free. >> attacking a staff member at lg fwxt community center norm west. andrew cook got into a verbal confrontation with someone at the community center sunday. she's aus sooed of threat itening the victim and he broke the door and shattered glass when he left. he's charmed with destruction of property and assault. >> and dealing with rodent issues again. this location is on the 2300 block of wisconsin avenue northwest. grocery store voluntary closed during inspection due to failure to mip mizes rodents and other pest. this is the second time this whole foods is shut down for rodent issues. it happened in february and another inspection is set for many morning. >> an oil thanker is held hostage off the somali
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>> ands with we head to break a live look across the dmv. time 4:50. temperatures 2 degrees back in a moment.
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>> europe peep union naval force say armed men are holding eight crew members on board captive the vessel was hijacked monday thaep is first seizure of commercial vessel off coast of somalia. >> china premiere reiterating china support for native resolutions to end are programs and returning to negotiations. he acknowledges rising tension and said the nations concerns need to return to
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"find proper solutions. >> protest in chile turned chaotic as they klarkd with police. nearly a dozen were arrested in a protest that happened as ministers gathered to discuss a new trade deal under the transtranspartnership. >> surprise ago announcement out of hollywood. ben affleck announces on facebook he has completed a assistant in rehab. aleck says it was for alcohol abuse something he dealt with in the past and he thanks family and friends including ex-wife jennifer garner. he checked into rehab immediately after oscars. >> 4:54 is is the time. >> did you get a chance to play in the snow. >> yes. >> did you. >> watched it from inside my n my recliner. >> kids did, got me. >> you have three kids i only have one. so he you know is not wanting to be out by himself. >>
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house. >> i am the play mate. >> hopefully all the kids enjoyed the snowfall. it won't last long. it won't last today it's like ice. it's not good for sledding or snowball fight today. we warm it up enough that we melt a lot of it. not enough to bring shorts and tee shirt back out. bus stop forecast yes i'm tauk taking into account two hours delays today those are voling at the bottom of your screen and go to and pickup temperatures 3 to 29 vrlt look at wind chills single dij toyts teens out there. heavy, heavy jacket all day. you know all winter kloms you did not have to wear in january and february yes you have to brem them out? march. wind chills still 10 below knows numbers. maybe a few snow flurries flying by this afternoon. "fox5" accuweather 7 day forecast. 10 warmer tomorrow
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get rid of wins. chilly march day. up to 50 for st. patrick day on friday and weekend looks like we'll be keeping it in the 50s as we start spring on monday up to mid 50s. let's check the forecast with erin como for a check of roads. >> 34:56 now starting with live look at topside of beltway outer loop near new hampshire avenue. light volume. at that point a disabled vehicle blocking right shoulder closer to george aavenue. not causing maiping or slow down. . charles country, we did have earlier crash. now that has cleared. oliver shop road reopened. and between burst store and oaks road. that traffic getting by. use caution this morning and reduce speeds especially on secondarys, bridges, overpasses, on and off rampps tend to freeze first. if you have wet patches slow down and reduce speeds. metro rail fearing up for service at five and keep in mind the
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including safe track impacting blue and yellow. back to you. >> thanks, erin, coming up fbi director james comey expected to tell the world if president trump was ever subject of fbi investigation. >> and some members of bee-think they know the sex of the painyes after she posted more picture on line. >> we're at 4:57. just coming up on 5:00. 23 degrees outside. bitter cold though. fox news morning back after this
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>> this braingt of later a is going to stick around a few days. the biggest is the refreeze we're tacking about. good morning this you thank you for joining is i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, march 15. that refraez is one reason schools are off again today. many others are delayed. we heard from several late last night and overnight. >> let's take a look at big ones in virginia is prince william county schools closed. mannasas schools closed and


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